Equipment Service & Maintenance

Our Service:

At Rich Sales International, we understand that reliable equipment service and maintenance are crucial to the success of your clients’ production lines. Our team of 13 Factory Trained Field Service Technicians along with inside customer service and local spare parts can support your manufacturing equipment, minimizing downtime, and ensuring your clients’ operations run smoothly

Our Process:

  1. Equipment Assessment: When taking on a new client or servicing a new piece of equipment, our team performs a thorough assessment to understand the specific needs and requirements of the equipment. This allows us to develop a customized service and maintenance plan tailored to each client’s unique situation.
  2. Preventive Maintenance: To reduce the likelihood of equipment failure and minimize downtime, we offer comprehensive preventive maintenance services contracts. Our technicians inspect, clean, and calibrate equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  3. On-Site Repairs: In the event of equipment malfunction, our field service technicians are available to provide prompt on-site repairs. We understand that time is of the essence, and our technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and parts to quickly diagnose and resolve issues, minimizing disruption to your clients’ production processes.
  4. Remote Support: In addition to on-site service, our technicians can provide remote support through phone and video consultations. This allows us to troubleshoot issues and provide guidance on equipment operation and maintenance, saving your clients time and resources.
  5. Spare Parts Management: With our extensive inventory of spare parts in our US and Mexico warehouses, we can quickly provide the necessary components for equipment repairs and maintenance. This ensures your clients experience minimal downtime and maintain peak production efficiency.
  6. Equipment Upgrades & Retrofits: As technology evolves, it’s important to keep equipment up to date with the latest advancements. Our team can assist with equipment upgrades and retrofits, helping your clients stay competitive and maintain optimal performance.
  7. Training & Knowledge Transfer: To empower your clients’ teams and ensure they can effectively operate and maintain their equipment, our technicians provide comprehensive training and knowledge transfer sessions. This includes hands-on training, documentation, and ongoing support to help your clients maximize the value of their equipment investment.
  8. Performance Tracking & Reporting: We closely monitor the performance of the equipment we service, tracking key metrics such as uptime, efficiency, and maintenance costs. This data allows us to provide your clients with valuable insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.


By partnering with Rich Sales International for Equipment Service & Maintenance, you can be confident that your clients will receive the highest level of support and expertise. Our commitment to minimizing downtime and maintaining peak performance ensures that your clients can focus on their core business while we take care of their equipment needs. Let us be your trusted partner in delivering exceptional service and support to your clients in the Southwestern US, Mexico and Central American markets.

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