Central America

Central America's Booming Industry

Unlock the Potential of Central America's Expanding Electronics Market

Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia are fast becoming major players in the electronics manufacturing industry, with global giants like Intel setting up plants, facilities, and operations across these countries. This growth presents enticing opportunities for electronic assembly equipment manufacturers to collaborate with us and access the burgeoning markets, supplying top-quality equipment to regional electronics companies.


The electronics manufacturing sectors in these Central American countries have witnessed remarkable expansion, driven by their strategic geographic locations, skilled labor force, business-friendly environments, and solid infrastructures. This makes them ideal for investments in electronics manufacturing. Consequently, the need for advanced electronic assembly equipment is on the rise, offering a unique chance for equipment manufacturers to seize a portion of these thriving markets.


By partnering with us, electronic assembly equipment manufacturers can successfully enter the electronics manufacturing markets in Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia, forging solid connections with local companies, plants, and facilities. Our in-depth understanding of the local markets, along with our sales and service expertise, establishes us as a valuable strategic ally, assisting equipment manufacturers in growing their businesses and reaching new milestones of success.

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Seamless Access to Central American Markets

We understand the challenges of expanding into new markets, which is why we provide U.S. manufacturers with opportunities to work globally in Central America without the need to hire a direct sales and service team in those areas. As a US-based company, we offer outstanding operations and opportunities in over 10 countries throughout the region, serving a client base of over 6000 customers and working with distribution channels to ensure our partners reach the widest possible audience.

Major territories in Central America

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