Louisiana’s Thriving Electronics Industry: Fueled by Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace Excellence, and NASA’s Presence


Louisiana has become a hotbed for the electronics industry, with advanced manufacturing and aerospace technologies playing a significant role in its success. The presence of NASA in the state has also contributed to the growth of the electronics sector. This growth is supported by a robust infrastructure, skilled workforce, and competitive business environment, positioning Louisiana at the forefront of innovation and economic development.

Affordable Business Costs Attract Investment:

Forbes ranks Louisiana among the top 10 most-affordable states for business costs, with low industrial electricity rates (2nd lowest in the U.S.) and competitive industrial natural gas rates (3rd lowest in the nation). These advantages have caught the attention of major industry players and are key factors in attracting investment to the state’s electronics sector.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities:

Decades of manufacturing expertise have contributed to Louisiana’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, particularly in the aerospace industry. The state offers competitive incentives, a pro-business climate, and robust site identification and GIS-mapping technology. These factors have attracted industry leaders such as Nucor, Benteler Steel/Tube, and Gardner Denver to Louisiana, leading to a manufacturing renaissance that benefits the electronics industry.

Aerospace Industry as a Driving Force:

Louisiana’s thriving aerospace industry has played a significant role in the development of the state’s electronics sector. Companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman have continued their success in Louisiana, bringing new investments and jobs to the region. The state’s focus on aerospace has spurred growth in related industries, including electronics manufacturing and advanced technologies.

NASA’s Impact on Louisiana’s Electronics Industry:

NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in New Orleans is a major contributor to Louisiana’s aerospace and electronics sectors. The facility supports the development of the Space Launch System and the Orion crew capsule for manned space flights to the moon and Mars. The presence of NASA in the state has led to increased collaboration with research universities and higher education institutions, driving further innovation in the electronics industry.

Skilled Workforce and Higher Education Partnerships:

Louisiana’s skilled workforce and strong higher education partnerships have been instrumental in supporting the state’s electronics industry. With over 430,000 workers employed in manufacturing-related occupations, Louisiana has a sizeable talent pool for electronics companies to draw from. The state’s research universities and community colleges offer specialized programs in manufacturing and aerospace, graduating more than 22,000 people per year with relevant credentials.

Customized Workforce Development for Electronics Companies:

LED FastStart, Louisiana’s customized workforce development program, provides free workforce recruitment, screening, and training solutions for new or expanding companies in the manufacturing sector. This service is particularly valuable for electronics companies that require highly skilled employees with specific technical competencies.

Competitive Incentives and a Growing Electronics Industry:

Louisiana offers several incentives for advanced manufacturing companies, such as the Quality Jobs program, the Industrial Tax Exemption Program, and the Research and Development Tax Credit. These incentives make the state even more attractive for electronics companies looking to invest in the region. As a result, Louisiana’s electronics industry continues to grow, supported by advancements in the state’s aerospace and advanced manufacturing sectors, as well as the presence of NASA.

Conclusion: Louisiana’s thriving electronics industry is a testament to the state’s commitment to fostering innovation, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and a strong aerospace sector, further bolstered by NASA’s presence. With its competitive business environment, skilled workforce, and strong support for manufacturing, aerospace, and space exploration, Louisiana has positioned itself as a leader in the electronics industry and a prime destination for future investments.