Arkansas: A Rising Powerhouse in the Aerospace and Electronic Manufacturing Industries

Arkansas has seen significant growth in its electronic manufacturing industry, which has been fueled by the aerospace sector’s expansion. Several key aerospace companies have established operations in Arkansas, attracted by the state’s aerospace education programs, skilled workforce, and supportive industry associations and state government. Arkansas’ aerospace and defense industry is comprised of 48 companies employing around 7,000 people, with 4,000 of these employees directly engaged in aerospace products and parts manufacturing.

Some of the most prominent aerospace companies operating in Arkansas include Dassault Falcon Jet, Raytheon, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, KeyTronicEMS, and Radius Aerospace, Inc. The state’s strong manufacturing base has led to the creation of a wealth of creative, industrious small manufacturers, which have made significant contributions to the aerospace sector by producing high-quality parts and components for major aerospace manufacturers.

In addition to the growth of its manufacturing sector, Arkansas has also attracted investments from small, innovative companies, such as Ozark Integrated Circuits (OZIC), which has received more than $9 million in federal grants for its groundbreaking work in developing new technologies.

The aerospace sector in Arkansas has not only led to the creation of many high-paying jobs, but it has also increased the state’s exports. In 2021, aerospace and aviation were the leading export in Arkansas. The state’s exports of aerospace and defense products made up approximately 20% of the state’s total exports, with just over $1 billion in goods exported.

Arkansas’ electronic manufacturing industry and aerospace development have mutually benefited from one another, creating a thriving ecosystem that continues to grow and attract major companies. With aerospace and defense manufacturing set to expand in the foreseeable future, Arkansas is well-positioned to strengthen its position in the global market.