Aguascalientes: A Growing Powerhouse for Electronics and Manufacturing in Mexico

Aguascalientes, a central Mexican state, is rapidly becoming a key player in the electronics manufacturing industry. With over 1.3 million residents and a young labor market, the region is attracting attention from major international companies. In 2019, the automotive industry exported $10.005 billion, contributing 19% to the state’s GDP and generating around 70,000 jobs. The electronics sector is also flourishing, with companies such as Texas Instruments, Continental Automotive Mexicana, FLEX, Semtech, and Marelli establishing operations in the area. The state is ranked fifth nationwide in electronics production, with the United States and Japan being the primary export destinations.

Key products manufactured in Aguascalientes include printed circuit boards, inductors, connectors, electronic boards, microchips, and semiconductors. The automotive industry benefits from the presence of international companies such as Nissan, Compas, Continental, Cooper Standard, Doiter Castings, Tachi-s, and Bosch. Manufacturing processes in the state encompass pattern making, motor and auto parts manufacturing, transmission manufacturing, vehicle assembly, foundry work, and parts and motor production.

The aerospace industry is also emerging in Aguascalientes, with the state government’s “Development and Strengthening of Technical and Business Capacities of MSMEs to Promote the Aerospace Sector” program. Since the program’s inception, 15 companies have migrated to the aerospace sector, and three international companies manufacture devices for the aeronautical industry.

Manufacturing in Aguascalientes has seen significant growth due to the expansion of major automotive companies such as Nissan, Mazda, GM, Honda, Infiniti, and Volkswagen. The city provides a comfortable and safe environment for foreigners, but challenges remain in terms of land availability and leasing options. With its strategic focus on manufacturing and electronics, Aguascalientes is poised to play an increasingly important role in Mexico’s economy.