Our Service Department

Rich Sales International has two full time service engineers that have been trained on installation, repair and programming of Electronic Production Equipment.

Manuel Murillo

Service Engineer

Office – 956.682.9108
Cell – 956.802.0043
Email – ManuelM@richsales.com

Eduardo Macias

Service Engineer

Office – 011.52.333.121.4443
Mobile – 011.521.333.808.85.43
Email – EduardoM@richsales.com

Juan Solano

Service Engineer

Office – 011.506.8937.6906
Email – JuanS@richsales.com

Carlos Gonzales

Service Engineer

Office – 480.443.9255 Ext. 106
Email – CarlosG@richsales.com

Diego Lomeli

Service Engineer

Email – DiegoL@richsales.com

David Villareal

Service Engineer

Email – DavidV@richsales.com

Sergio Olivar

Service Engineer

Email – SergioO@richsales.com

Olman Rojas

Service Engineer

Email – OlmanR@richsales.com

Mauricio Espinoza

Service Engineer

Email – Mespinoza@richsales.com

Werner Zahner

Service Engineer

Email – Wernerz@richsales.com

Javier Rosas

Service Engineer

Email – JavierR@richsales.com

Luis Marin

Service Engineer

Email – LuisM@richsales.com

Bora Gjidoda

Service Coordinator

Email – SupportRSI@richsales.com

Paulette Martinez

Service Engineer

Email – PauletteM@richsales.com